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Having initially produced her garments abroad at an exorbitant cost, Vanessa Gounden recognised the opportunity to produce locally at a globally competitive rate. This was achieved by establishing a local production house, recruiting experienced artisans in the industry, and investing in retraining and upskilling to produce high-end luxury garments aligned with international production standards. This is VG ATELIER.

In an era of an international monochromatic aesthetic, Vanessa predicted the forthcoming trends for colour prints that reflected her African heritage, and was bold enough to follow this instinct. A fully vertically integrated business model has been adopted, from concept development to point of sale. The successful vertical integration into all levels of production is enhanced by digital transfer. This enables

the shortening of the divide between design and production points for luxury bespoke production. This is LUXE PRINT.


Harnessing of existing local print houses to produce complex digital prints for high-end production. The acquisition of specialist technology to print on 100% natural fabrics, locally, at competitive rates. At any given time at least 300 people are directly or indirectly employed, with the majority being HDSA women. Garments are now produced for export purposes as a Proudly South African production.