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HolGoun’s business approach is to only invest in entities and projects where HolGoun can contribute directly to the growth and development of such entities or projects. This approach has seen HolGoun acquire a strong and diverse portfolio of investments, that spans several sectors. HolGoun’s interests range from strategic majority acquisitions, through to controlling shareholder interests in its underlying investments.

In acquiring majority equity interests, HolGoun has not only focused on the key business proposition but also on the strategic fit that it has with the other shareholders in that entity. This approach has seen HolGoun co-invest with similar shareholders in more than one business venture. 

In businesses where HolGoun has a controlling interest, the original business concepts were on the most part developed within HolGoun and capitalised principally by HolGoun.

HolGoun’s ongoing growth is informed by establishing a balanced and robust portfolio of assets and the continuous assessment of the market for new business opportunities.

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