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HolGoun Uranium & Power will focus on the development of a uranium mine with a production capacity of 2 million lbs/annum of U3O8 and power generation capacity of over 600 MW as a by-product from the process.

HolGoun Uranium & Power has a large uranium resource covering ~56,862 hectares in the Limpopo Province, 100 kilometres north of Gauteng, the industrial heartland of South Africa.
HolGoun is dedicated to the development of its uranium and power resource and is strongly committed to support the growth of the South African nuclear industry. The geology is well understood in the project area with excellent regional infrastructure. This property has been extensively explored and HolGoun is the holder of an extensive database of 1800 boreholes which were drilled on the property. It is one of the largest uranium resources in the country containing ~218 million lbs U3O8 . The resource is SAMREC compliant and an Independent Engineers Report has been compiled by SRK Consulting Engineers.
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The project is managed from HolGoun House based in Sandton, by a mining team with years of experience in the uranium mining and processing industries. HolGoun is currently engaged in the pre-feasibility study phase of this project.

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