HolGoun has a wide range of investments in the mining sector.
HolGoun holds prospecting rights over ~ 91,000 hectares in the Springbok Flats in the Settlers region of the Limpopo Province through its subsidiaries, HolGoun Uranium & Power, HolGoun Energy and Canyon Springs. The resource area contains significant deposits of Uranium, Coal and Coking Coal.

HolGoun Uranium & Power Project : HolGoun Uranium & Power will focus on the development of a uranium mine with a production capacity of 2 million lbs/annum of U3O8 and power generation capacity of over 600 MW as a by-product from the process. Read More

HolGoun Coking Coal Project : HolGoun Energy will be developed to produce coking coal for the metallurgical industry and thermal coal for power stations. Read More

HolGoun Coal Project : Canyon Springs will be developed as an open pit mine with the production of thermal coal for local power stations and coal for the export market.
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HolGoun Base Metal : HolGoun holds a 8.1 % interest in Samancor Chrome Pty (Ltd)
Samancor Chrome’s core business is the mining and smelting of chrome ore. With an annual capacity of some one million tons, Samancor Chrome is one of the largest integrated ferrochrome producers in the world. It produces three grades of ferrochrome, namely charge chrome, intermediate carbon ferrochrome and low carbon ferrochrome, each used in different areas of the stainless steel smelting process.The controlling shareholder of Samancor is International Mineral Resources (IMR) based in the Netherlands. ReadMore